When I’m not working on graphics I sometimes play a race sim like Assetto Corsa. Nice sim but it’s terribly annoying how it displays your laptimes within the game. Since they are stored into a simple .ini file

which is also not usefull since all times are in milliseconds I thought it would be nice to have a little online tool where you could upload your .ini file and get a nice overview. At least that’s how it started.

When working on that I got the idea it would be nice if people could log in using their facebook and share their results. Also it would be a nice feature to get a PDF to print or for reference use.

What started really small got bigger. But as someone who can’t stand doing stuff I already know it’s a great way to learn some new stuff and update myself with some HTML5 introduced things to keep the code nice and tidy.

But than I got the idea it would be really nice if you could see what worlds best drivers do at the tracks you drive. There is a little tool which is actually a plugin for Assetto Corsa which keeps track of peoples timings. It’s widely used and since it’s live timing it’s not possible to manipulate your timings like you could do using the .ini file.

The problem is, there is no API. And the table with all world records looks like this: http://www.radiators-champ.com/RSRLiveTiming/index.php?page=world_records

User friendly? No. So what I did was reading that page using PHP, strip it down to the main table (still 30.000 lines of code) and using Javascript to get it all in an array. I did need a little bit of help from my Gathering of Tweakers friends but I managed to get it all lined up resulting in 7844 records and even with a selection box for only the circuits a much easier way to look for some lap times to compare.

The thing is that something that started really small is now a big project (for me). I use Google Keep which is very easy for little lists to make a little note of all idea’s and in the mean time I try to keep it structured in my mind which is not that easy.


Why this post? Well, this is the reason sometimes my own idea’s don’t get finished. I hate to show something online which is half done (even if it works well). If I know it can be better it have to be better. And that sick perfectionism is not something I have while playing a game or in normal life, but only with work. If there is a strict deadline it works and I get it. If it’s a project of my own it’s really hard to finish. Not because of a lack of motivation but because I will think about improvements all the time. Blame it on my ADD.

Anyway, for now it’s only a matter of looking into some url rewrites, login state, animation, rendering a nice interface, making more search boxes, making names clickable to look for a persons records etc etc etc… I won’t give up!

P.S. Even Yoast thinks I write too much…